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Oceanside Advocates for Safe Access


Oceanside Advocates for Safe Access was formed by local cannabis patients and activists with the sole purpose of repealing the cannabis bans in the City of Oceanside.

Our goal is to establish sensible regulations so patients have access to safe, affordable medicine with tough lab testing standards while keeping our kids and neighborhoods safe by moving cannabis off the streets and into a controlled environment.



Protecting PATIENTS

Oceanside Advocates for Safe Access establishes sensible regulations to permit the retail sales of medical marijuana in our city so that patients with debilitating diseases, like cancer, have local access to doctor-recommended medicine. Oceanside Advocates for Safe Access will also protect patient safety by mandating all medical marijuana be lab tested before it is sold to make sure it contains no toxins or other contaminants that could harm patients’ health.



Oceanside Advocates for Safe Access puts tough restrictions on cannabis businesses, prohibiting them in residential neighborhoods or 600 ft from schools as required by state law. Cannabis businesses must pay for their own security, adhere to all state security requirements and work with city police to protect public safety.


Protecting our KIDS

Oceanside Advocates for Safe Access prevents sale of medical or recreational cannabis to minors with strict prohibitions on underage sales and tough identification requirements, in order to reduce illegal cannabis sales.



Oceanside Advocates for Safe Access requires cannabis businesses to pay taxes that add up to millions each year for public safety and other essential city services. If voters approve our cannabis initiative, millions more will be raised to pay for Oceanside police, fire and 911 emergency response.



  • Allows Both Medical and Recreational Cannabis Nurseries, Distribution, Dispensaries, Deliveries, Manufacturing, Cultivation and Lab Testing.
  • Adds a 5% excise tax on retail sales with an increase of .5% yearly until 8% cap is reached.
  • Adds a $2.00 per dry ounce excise tax on cultivated product.
  • Requires all cannabis businesses to comply with state mandates.
  • Keeps Cannabis Businesses 600 ft from Schools as required by state law.
  • Requires the city to evaluate and process applications for LOCALS FIRST.
  • Requires all cannabis businesses to maintain security as specified by state law.
  • Requires employee background checks and city-issued employee permits.



On June 12, 2018 a Press Conference was held at the steps of city hall to introduce a cannabis citizens initiative in the city of Oceanside. Concerned patients and citizens joined forces with other groups to create Oceanside Advocates for Safe Access so together we can continue with the signature gathering process and move the initiative onto the 2020 Ballot that will let the voters decide the fate of safe access in the city. Help us by signing the petition TODAY!


On June 30th we made history as the first cannabis group to participate in the Oceanside Independence Day Parade led by current Deputy Mayor and District 1 Council Candidate Chuck Lowery and District 2 Candidate Terry Johnson. We were exhilarated by the show of support from the crowd as many people came off the sidewalk and asked to sign our petition even as we continued through the Parade route! It’s obvious Oceanside wants “Safe Access” to cannabis and will not settle for anything less than lifting the cannabis bans once and for all! See everyone in next years parade!!


Long Term Effects

Evidence does not support the notion that even heavy, long-term marijuana use by adults permanently impairs memory or other cognitive functions.

Some studies have shown that heavy marijuana use starting in the early teens has an impact on the brain, while other studies have shown no impact. What is clear is that much more research is needed.

A 2014 study of 2,600 young people found that when taking into account socio-economic factors such as environment, poverty, poor nutrition, parenting style, mental health, and alcohol use, the association between moderate marijuana use and IQ largely disappears. Still, it is strongly recommended that teens not use marijuana, as their brains are still developing, and in particular the part of the brain that controls emotional development can be sensitive

There is no definitive evidence that marijuana causes some psychiatric disorders in otherwise healthy individuals. Most tellingly, rates of schizophrenia and other psychiatric illnesses have remained flat even during periods of time when marijuana use rates have increased. This is not to say that there is no relationship between psychoactive substances and mental functioning. Some effects of marijuana use can include feelings of panic, anxiety  and paranoia, but these effects  are temporary.

Medicinal Properties

Alleviate symptoms of a wide range of debilitating medical conditions, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, epilepsy, and Crohn’s Disease.

  • Act as a safer and more effective alternative to narcotic painkillers
  • Treat severe pain
  • Reduce nausea induced by cancer chemotherapy
  • Stimulate appetite in AIDS patients
  • Reduce intraocular pressure in people with glaucoma
  • Reduce muscle spasticity in patients with neurological disorders
  • Help manage some mental health conditions, particularly PTSD
  • Associated with reduced risk of head and neck cancer

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Oceanside Advocates for Safe Access is a committee formed by a group of concerned patients, parents, residents, community leaders and business owners advocating the value, acceptance, and inclusion of medical marijuana in Oceanside.

If you would like to be an advocate for us, Volunteer today and help us repeal the medical marijuana ban in the city of Oceanside!

Oceanside Advocates for Safe Access
Oceanside, CA 92054

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